LFM #5 broadcast

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (Sandra A.M. & David G.)
Subject: LFM #5 broadcast
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 09:19:53 +0100

Things went great on Thursday for us!  All six classes of seventh graders
watched the program at the same time after having a Ray Bradbury story,
"Green Morning" read to them.  After the program they had to write for
about 20 minutes.  There were some sound problems with the NASA feed, so we
switched to the local PBS station.  Unfortunately, the sound was out when
they were talking about the Pathfinder mission, which is what we have
studied the most.  Since I hadn't spent nearly as much time on MGS with my
classes, those parts of the show were not as interesting to them.

Of course, when our school was featured in the Weather Worlds segment,
great cheers went up.  That was SO EXCITING!  I actually didn't see a lot
of the program, because I was madly emailing questions in, and one of our
students had his question read on the air!  I think this is so great for
these kids.  They will never forget this, and it will have a big impact on
their interest in science.  Our principal came up to me later in the day
and asked me if I thought the activity (which included altering the
school's daily schedule) had been worth it, and, of course, I said YES!.
She took the tape home to view it this weekend.  By coincidence, on Monday,
our school is undergoing a Peer Quality Review by the state, on our use of
technology.  So, our first electronic field trip came at just the right

Thanks for all of your work at NASA and PTK

David Glaser
Willard M.S.
Berkely, CA

P.S. Is there information about "Live From The Rainforest" on the web.  I
think our 8th grade teachers may want to participate in that next spring.