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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:50:22 -0500 (EST)

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>I thought I would point out that this mail list was not set up in the 
>normal way.  When people reply to any posting on the list, it does 
>NOT go to the list, it goes as private mail to the sender.  At least 
>that is now it has been working for me.
>This will certainly stiffle discussion.  It would be very nice if the 
>owners of this list would fix that...
>Gail Watson
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>Well, I didnt even know I was in that list! But, anyway, yes, I have 
>lots of things to disscuss.
>I am a Brazilian professor in technology and would like to talk about 
>scientific issues on Nasa's projets.
>See you around...
>On 11 Nov 97 at 7:55, Mrs. Gail Watson wrote:
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>> (Autoforwarded message from 'WERNECK@del.ufrj.br')
>> I think it's been quiet.  I signed up to see how I could integrate 
>> some things at our school, but I'm not sure I've seen very many 
>> postings. 
>> Good luck!
>> Gail Watson
>> > Hello to everyone on the discuss list!  Hope all of you have lots of NASA
>> > things to talk about!
>> > 
>> > 
>> > Stephanie Wong
>> > Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
>> > 
>> > 
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>Mrs. Gail Watson
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>From RP Lee 
        I don't know how I was added to this net, but it seems to be a
worthwhile one. It might be from my attempt to get onto an educational net
over a year ago. 
       Despite my discouraging experiences in voluntary teaching, I'm still
interested in seeing our education system improve, and I strongly believe
that our teachers are NOT the problem, but are the ones being hurt the most
by the situation. I ran for a seat on our local school board on the basic
platform of a strong alternative school system for disruptive disrespectful
students, and placed last in a six candidate race for one seat
        . My experience as an instructor in economics and aeordynamics
in a small college showed me how much fun eaching can be with a receptive
respectful audience. We should expect  NO -DEMAND  that kind of environment
for all of our teachers.

                                                 RP LEE