All systems go!

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (Sandra A.M. & David G.)
Subject: All systems go!
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 21:23:01 +0100

Well, tomorrow's a big day for all of us.  I imagine that the folks
producing the show are really in high gear now.  I'm pretty much ready to
go for tomorrow on the "maiden voyage" of our school's new satellite TV
system.  I've put all the necessary teaching materials in the other five
teacher's mail boxes, reserved enough TV sets for the six classes...I'm
really curious to see how well this whole things goes over at our school,
with the students and the other teachers.  Of course, there's always the
kid, who, after weeks of me talking this up, blurts out in class today,
"WHAT TV PROGRAM?" He may have been in outer space, but he certainly wasn't
anywhere near Mars!

Have fun tomorrow everyone and thanks for all of the help and suggestions!

David Glaser
Willard M.S.
Berkeley, CA