Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 22:59:36, -0500

-- [ From: Rhonda Toon * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hello all,

	To answer David's question from a classroom perspective, I often did
both. As we were studying Mars, Antarctica or whatever live event,
questions arose in the classroom and we directed them to the scientists.
During the program itself my kids kept paper at hand and pencils poised
for questions that arose during the broadcast.  The broadcast days were
always high excitement times, but the questioning, experimenting, and
investigating took place in the days before and the days after.

	I was the "gatekeeper" requiring that kids share the question with me
before taking a turn at the computer to post the question.  I did this
so PTK wouldn't be inunadated with the same question over and over and
to make sure the questions being sent weren't already answered on the
website, etc.

	Now I have a question. In my new position at the science and tech
center I have been delivering the PTK message to the schools in our
region, but have not had time (or a class of kids!) to be as directly
involved this fall. I received a call today from a teacher who had tried
to sign up for a webchat with the JPL guys scheduled for the 12th. She
said she received an error mesage. Since she had not recorded the
message I couldn't advise her as to its meaning. When someone signs up
to participate in the chat, if the chat is full what sort of message
does one receive??

	I haven't been able to connect to anyone who could answer this for me
today but thought some of you experienced LFM folks could help me answer
this teacher's question. has anyone else experienced difficulty in
registering for the webchat or do you have any advice for this teacher
who is trying this for the first time?

	I must have had a dozen calls from teachers today wanting to confirm
the broadcast times. Lots of excited teachers here in middle Georgia
anticipating this week's program.

	I can't help but feel a little sad thinking of how faraway this
broadcast seemed when the advocates were in DC writing down all the PTK
broadcast dates for this PTK Live event. How quickly the time has flown!
It has been a fun journey, though with lots of memories. I watched the
video my students made of the PET project and the Egg Drop Challenge
just this past week. LFM certainly has provided some incredible
experiences. Thanks PTK!

Rhonda Toon
Gordon Georgia Youth Science Technology Center