Re: What's Up: Week of November 9th-15th!

From: (Ginny)
Subject: Re: What's Up: Week of November 9th-15th!
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 03:15:39 GMT

Suggested topic for
>discussion this week:  How are you preparing your students
>for Thursday's live telecast, "Today on Mars"?

The 6/7 grade science students at Hydesville are gearing up for Thursday's
broadcast.  They have been involved in the on-line project: Weather Worlds.
The students collaborated with other students on deciding what Weather Data
was important to collect on Planet Earth. They went on the internet and
found instructions for building Weather Instruments.  Two week ago students
were busy at home making wind vanes, anemometers, barometers,
psychrometers, cloud charts, and thermometers.  Last week they tested out
their instruments and compared and contrasted their readings with that of
the school's weather instruments and with the reading from each other.
They started earnestly collecting their data and recording it last week and
will continue again this week.  They have been on the internet to get the
latest weather reports from Mars and are eagerly looking forward to
Thursday's program.  We thank all those involved in Live from Mars for a
very rewarding learning experience and the chance to be involved with other
schools, the on-line lessons, communicating with the scientists, and
keeping abreast of new information learned about Mars.  Ginny