Getting ready for LFM #5

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (Sandra A.M. & David G.)
Subject: Getting ready for LFM #5
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:15:49 +0100

My internet lesson plan last week went well.  Using a large TV connected to
the computer I took the students on a tour of the LFM site and the MPF
site.  I drew names from a box and about half of each class got a chance to
try it out.  Some of my students are probably already writing in html and
others haven't even visited a web page before.  I demonstrated different
ways of navigating around and how to save images to the hard disk.   What I
found was that the classes got bored with this activity after about 25-30
minutes.  Next time I'll know...My plan with the net from now on is to have
it in the class about once a week and let small groups use it, giving them
a very specific assignment.

We have no school on Monday or Tuesday, so I have only Wednesday left to
prepare the students for the broadcast, and to start collecting weather
data.  I just listened to the MGS press conference via the internet and the
descriptions of the newest images have started to get me really excited
about that mission.

Our seventh graders will be watching from six different classrooms, and
most of them will not be with a science teacher, so I have to create an
understandable lesson plan for the other teachers.  I have settled on two
different stories from the Martian Chronicles to read to the students, one
about a man who plants trees on Mars to make more oxygen, and the other
about an earth family who go on a picnic.  The kids are very anxious to see
Martians, and, at the end, they see them, their own reflections, in the

Now, I need some kind of writing assignment for the students to do in the
half hour after the broadcast.  Any ideas?  I have to really sit and think
about what exactly I'm hoping the students will get out of this activity.

The two activities in the teacher's guide related to LFM #5 both look
great.  Perhaps I'll be able to do the weather one on Wednesday.

David Glaser
Willard M.S.
Berkeley, CA