WW Phase 2 Class Sign Up Form

From: Eileen Bendixsen <ebend@netlabs.net>
Subject: WW Phase 2 Class Sign Up Form
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 23:32:26 -0500 (EST)

Once again we would like to invite you to participate in Phase 2 of Weather
Worlds.  The Phase 2 registration form is below.  Your completed
registration form may be sent to either Susan Hurstcalderone
(calderone@sysnet.net) or Eileen Bendixsen (ebend@netlabs.net).  Do not
send the form to the list.  As soon as you have registered your class you
may begin submitting your data immediately.  We request that all data be
sent to us by 12:00PM of the day following the reading.  The URL for the
web form will be posted as soon as it is online.

Susan and Eileen

WW Phase 2 Class Sign Up Form: 

If your class is going to be submitting daily recordings, please complete
one copy of this form.  When you submit daily observations forms, make sure
to use the same school name, teacher name and class name on the top of the
daily form as you used in the sign up form (so we can link the two in the
database we will build from the accumulating data).  Once you have
registered your class only the school, teacher and class need to be filled
in when you submit your daily recordings.  

School Name:


State (or country, if non US):

Latitude and Longitude:


Class Name:

Teacher Name: