Please join us for Phase 2 of Weather Worlds

From: Eileen Bendixsen <>
Subject: Please join us for Phase 2 of Weather Worlds
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 21:11:17 -0500 (EST)

Discuss Members,

Phase 2 of Weather Worlds the Data Collection begins tomorrow.  Even if you
did not participate in Phase 1 you can still be part of Phase 2.  I have
included the message that was posted to the project participants below.
Please join us on the debate-lfm list.  This is a great way to get your
students involved in data collection.  We will then discuss and graph the
collected data in the final part of this activity.  

If you have any questions contact Susan Hurstcalderone
( or Eileen Bendixsen ( the project

Come join us.

Susan and Eileen

Phase 2 Data Collection begins tomorrow.  In looking over the plans that
have been submitted to date it was decided to collect the following
readings:  Temperature (in degrees Celsius), Air Pressure, Air Speed, Wind
Direction, and Precipitation (in centimeters).  When you take your readings
also record the date and time of your reading.  Please convert your local
time to GMT.  This way we will have a standard time to compare our data in
the final activity.  

Weekend data collection is optional.  If you can arrange to collect the
weekend data it would be helpful in giving us more meaningful data to use
in the final activity.  Classes can submit data for one or two weeks.  If
you are only submitting data for one week you may choose either week to
collect your data.

I have included an e-mail version of the data form below.  If you use this
form please e-mail it to and not to the list or the
previous e-mail address.  A web form will be at the site as soon as
possible.  We will post the URL as soon as it is available.

Precipitation has been very low for the past month and even when it did
rain it was usually on the weekend.  Will this pattern continue or will we
have an increase in rain?  Why not join Phase 2 of Weather Worlds to find out?

Susan and Eileen

(standard info - should be filed in the same way each time for every
observation made by your students)

School Name:


State (or country, if non US):

Latitude and Longitude:


Class Name:

Teacher Name:

Daily Observations:


Time (convert to GMT before entering):

Temperature (in degrees Celsius):

Air Pressure:

Air Speed:

Wind Direction:

Precipitation (convert to metric before entering):

How accurate do you think these readings are?  Check one:
 [ ]  Do not know
 [ ]  We are somewhat confident in their accuracy
 [ ]  We are very confident in their accuracy

Why are you confident?

Other notes on the readings or general observations taken at this time: