Mars sci-fi to read to students

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (Sandra A.M. & David G.)
Subject: Mars sci-fi to read to students
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 18:50:32 +0100

Thanks all of you for the recent suggestions of Mars sci-fi literature, but
I'm not looking for a novel right now, just a short story that could be
read to the students in about 20 minutes before we watch LFM #5.  Even
though I've seen it over and over again in various Mars videos, the whole
idea that 19th century astronomers spawned the whole Martian craze in this
century really just dawned on me this week.  And, since kids are wild about
aliens and UFO's I realized that it could engage my students more to teach
them that all of this started from astronomy, mixed with our deep seated
human desire to not be alone in the universe.

So, if any of you could suggest any short short stories in Mars science
fiction I would greatly appreciate it.  I plan to peruse the Martian
Chronicles this weekend.