From: Geoffrey Haines-Stiles <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 16:42:27 -0500

Samantha (and the discuss list , FYI)

We agree with your viewer... and already have plans to add close captioning
to the November 13th LIVE FROM MARS program (we found an additional
underwriter -- the DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION -- only last Weds., too
late to do it for the program he refers to.) PBS should be sending out a
dacs to that effect early next week. 

We share his concerns, and certainly hope to find extra funds to close
caption every future PTK program. To answer your (Samantha's) question, it
is more difficult to close caption a live program, but not impossible. 

Thanks for carrying the broadcast for San Francisco. Hope this gives you a
positive response to share. With just a few extra days we'd have captioned
"Destination Mars" as well! (And if you know of any other underwriting <aka
"funding"!> prospects... please let us know.)



At 02:05 PM 10/31/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Mail*Link(r) SMTP               No Closed Captioning (LFM)
>We are a public television station that aired this program.  Here is feedback
>from a viewer.  To whom can recommendations for closed captioning be directed
>for future programs?  What are the issues for a live satellite broadcast?  
>Thank you.
>Samantha Davidson
>KQED Educational Services
>San Francisco
>Date: 10/30/97 4:14 PM
>From: Paul Stein
>attn:  KQED management (please forward)
>      Subject program, telecast at 10am pst,10/30/97, was commendable--except 
>for one glaring oversight--the lack of CAPTIONS.
>This "passport to knowledge" production was NOT ACCESSIBLE to people who 
>depend on the "closed captioning".  We hard-of-hearing and Deaf people and 
>our CHILDREN-- are being systematically excluded from these "passports" which 
>are intended to motivate ALL children to aspire to careers in Science and 
>    I was angered when I saw the long list of "thank yous" (credits) to 
>agencies, corporations, and other donors --who made the program possible--and 
>we all know how much in the way of Federal funding so many of those 
>"contributors" thrive on.  In my opinion those federal funds--are intended 
>for ALL viewers--not just those who can understand the audio!
>     I ask you, and the management of KQED to do what is morally as well as 
>legaly appropriate, and take action to add the closed caption encoding to the 
>tape and re-broadcast it in the near future.   
>        Paul Stein
>        SHHH-SAN JOSE     <>
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