Re: PBS broadcast

From: Geoffrey Haines-Stiles <>
Subject: Re: PBS broadcast
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 10:01:42 -0500

Ginny (and others):

>Every< PBS station has received >at least< 3 seperate messages about LFM
direct from PBS HQ, detailing times, dates and coordinates. I have seen
copies of all these, which were directed to Education, Program and Outreach
Directors at the various stations. "You can lead a horse... " 

We wish you luck in convincing them to redress what would otherwise be an
unfortunate omission. The October 30th program is VERY good as an overview
both of the NASA missions, and how PTK/LFM has been able to make them
accessible to students and teachers.

Best wishes,


At 01:36 PM 10/24/97 -0600, Ginny Dexter wrote:
>Hi Geoff and lfm-ers,
>	I called my local PBS station today to check to be sure they were
>planning to air next week's LFM program.  KEET TV said that they had not
>this year received any information about the upcoming programs for the year
>and did not know the Satellite Coordinates.  I wonder why they did not
>receive information this year on the PTK schedule and programs?  They said
>that the person in charge would not be back until Wednesday and they did
>not know if they could change the programming for Thursday. AAAAHHH!  I
>will just hope that they say yes on Wednesday OR NASA actually runs the
>program on Thursday. Does anyone know how I can be sure they get the
>information they need to plan their PTK broadcasting for the year?  Gin
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