For Your Info: ThinkQuest and ThinkQuest, Jr.

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: For Your Info: ThinkQuest and ThinkQuest, Jr.
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 08:38:58 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

PTK encourages members of the Live From Mars discussion
forum to participate in ThinkQuest '98 (12-19 year
old students) or new this year, ThinkQuest Jr. (4-6th graders)

Many educators who have participated in the PTK projects
have found that their experiences are especially well-suited to
special opportunities (like ThinkQuest) which recognize=20
student-centered projects.=20

You and your students have until February 28th 11:59pm EST
to complete your application!

Jan Wee, discuss-lfm moderator
Live From Mars


Here is quick overview of the ThinkQuest'98/ThinkQuest Jr. =20


>>>WHAT IS IT? =20
An annual contest that challenges students, ages 12 to 19, to use=20
the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool.=20
by Advanced Network and Services.  Awards can total over $1 Million!=20
Adobe, Microsoft, Proxima, and Educorp have also made donations to=

ThinkQuest=AE is an educational adventure which encourages students=20
around the world to build Web pages that help them -- and other=20
students -- prepare for the 21st century. More than a contest,=20
it represents a new model for learning and teaching.=20


A few of the rules are found below. The complete set of rules
can be found at the URL above.

* Each Team has teachers or mentors who act as Coaches, but the=20
Students are required to do all of the work.=20

* Teams must submit an  "Application" describing the Team, a description=20
of what the Team plans to submit as its "Entry" and a realistic plan=20
of implementation.  Application Form must be completed via the ThinkQuest=20
Web pages on or before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time=20
(Greenwich Mean Time + 5 hours) on February 28, 1998

* An Entry includes both a collection of Web pages that can help other=20
students learn in the "Internet Style" and related information about=20
the Team and the Web pages.=20

*Entry is complete, the Team must place it on the ThinkQuest Web pages.
Each Entry will be reviewed, and if the Entry appears to comply with the=20
Rules and has educational merit, it will be made available via the Web.=20
Based on the ThinkQuest Criteria, the Judges will select approximately=20
35 Teams as Finalists

Yes, a library of past Thinkquest entries is available at:

See: for more
Awards can total over $1 Million!
Awards are offered in each of the five categories with
1st through 5th place for student, coach, and school prizes...

	Science and Mathematics;=20
	Arts and Literature;=20
	Social Sciences;=20
	Sports and Health, and=20


1) 80 FREE professional development workshops from June 1997 through=20
January 1998. The workshops are designed to help teachers and=20
others learn to use the resources and collaborative potential of=20
the Internet and the World Wide Web as teaching and learning tools=20
in their classrooms. See:
for the latest schedule of workshops.  Check back as more workshops
are being added.

2) A Thinkquest CD-ROM is available detailing the project, rules,
and key information. You receive an "off-line" overview of the=20
ThinkQuest '98 site.  It also includes several tutorials, Web page=20
development software, a copy of Microsoft's Visual J++, and many=20
examples of Entries submitted for the 1996 contest.=20

Register for the free CD-ROM at:=20

3) Resources to help participating coaches and students...
discussion forums, useful tips/tools to improve writing
skills, web design, FAQ's, technical guides, etc.

See: See:

A mailing list and a web based discussion forum is available:
        TeacherSpace mailing list is for teachers who prefer e-mail=20
        to web access - enables teachers and coaches to form discussion=20
        groups to talk, listen, reflect, or comment on this contest.

TeacherSpace web forum is located at:


ThinkQuest Junior, for girls and boys in grades 4 through 6, is off and
running!  This new Web-based contest, which embraces the strong interest
of  younger students and teachers in learning about the myriad of uses of
the Internet in the classroom, was inspired by the success of the
ThinkQuest contest.  And, the contest awards totaling half a million
dollars will be given next May and June to winning students, teachers and

The new deadline for applications is Friday, November 30, 1997.  Interested
teachers with e-mail addresses or their designated students may apply.
Application consists of a statement of intent to participate and reserves a
working space on our server.  It requires the teacher/coach to enter some
very basic information about the team and the school.  The application can
be found at the ThinkQuest Junior Web page URL:


For more detailed information about ThinkQuest Junior, visit the
main URL at:

The Global Schoolnet Foundation supports and promotes
the ThinkQuest and ThinkQuest Jr.  See
for more information about the GSN Foundation.