WW peer review

From: "Mike Reynolds" <mike_reynolds_at_cec001-fa@cc.cranbrook.edu>
Subject: WW peer review
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 97 20:33:38 -0500

     I just finished sending all the peer review responses back.  We had 
     nine to complete since my three classes each sent in a proposal.  I 
     had my mission directors solicit responses from the rest of the class. 
      I can't say they did a great job getting feedback but they did try 
     very hard to get their classmates to help.  I have wonderful students 
     this year and when the pace slows down at our school they will do a 
     much better job in this program.  I teach at a private school for boys 
     and we always seem to crush our poor students in the fall.  They are 
     all out for sports, participating in school fund raising events, 
     community service, school open house and when they have spare time we 
     expect them to do some homework.  It is amazing what our kids do in a 
     "typical" day.  
     We are sorry that we took so long to get the responses back.  We will 
     try to do better in the future.
     This is such a cool program.  I tell every Math/science teacher I meet 
     about it.  My students are soooo into it.  I send them off 
     unsupervised to various computers around the building since my 
     classroom computer was killed by a virus.  They come back with piles 
     of stuff.  
     We do "Mars Day" about once a week and the boys can't wait for that 
     day.  My classroom walls are covered with stuff they find.  The French 
     class also found an article in a French magazine and brought it in. 
     Right now we are constructing the solar system in the hallway.  It 
     will be on a scale of one billionth the size.  The boys were amazed to 
     see that the sun was over 2m in diameter and that Mercury was smaller 
     than a pea.  They were shocked to see how far away from the sun 
     Mercury is.  
     Having a Blast....Mike