Plans from other schools received

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (Sandra A.M. & David G.)
Subject: Plans from other schools received
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 19:30:49 +0100

Last night the three plans from other schools came in.  I accessed them at
home to print them, and then forwarded them back to the school.  Today, we
spent a little bit of time on the evaluations.  I had a computer connected
to a large TV and we read the plans and started in on answering the
evaluation questions.  Should be no problem to get them in by Tuesday.  In
doing this with the entire class, many, if not most students weren't
participating or engaged.  For tomorrow, I've copied a class set of each
proposal, so I can try doing it in groups or individually.  It's very
apparent that every school has its own angle on the proposals, and the
synergistic effect should be extremely creative and productive.

I have completely forgotten about discuss-lfm.  That's a place for the
students to say other thougths about Weatherworlds which don't fit in with
the evaluations, right?  Perhaps tomorrow we can send some email letters

David Glaser
Willard M.S.