LFM Alive and Well here in VA

From: mkennedy@head.globalcom.net (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: LFM Alive and Well here in VA
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 21:41:50 -0400

Live from Mars is alive and well here in Virginia too! Like so many of us
on the discuss group, I have been working with my new 4th grader
"inductees"...I guess too busy working to update  messages tothe discuss
As was mentioned in someone's message in the LFM discuss group, I was
surprised how many of my new students knew so little about Pathfinder. This
lack of awreness was very hard for me to comprehend because my "graduated"
class of 4th graders and I were so into it. One of  highlights of the
summer was all of my students gathering that 4th of July weekend on my
deck, sharing the experience as part of the NASA team!

Like Marcy,I started the year  with some basic solar system activities
(solar system snack)and my all time outdoor favorite is the "pacing out"
the au distances of each planet with our own giant steps. It is always fun
to watch my kids' faces as they pace out Pluto and find themselves in the
neighboring pastures!

As part of  our math class (LFM integrating across the curriculum) using
some of Ken Edgett's material, we made bar graph comparisons of the Grand
Canyon and Mariner Valley. Charting the height  and length of the canyons
out on graph paper is a great visual for my students. Then using the CD's
from Georgia Tech with MGS and Pathfinder the students have been getting
the basics, along with the MGS and Pathfinder web pages ( though I continue
to be frustrated (understatement) with firewalls and by being denied access
to some cool downloads- links off the LFM virtual mars sites).

Next week I will be showing my students some sections of last years LFM
broadcasts so they can glimpse the action behind the scenes of

My students and I have been able to participate in a couple of web chats
(Ken Edgett---so awesome), but sometimes those California chat times
conflict with eastern lunch times. Sandy is aware of this so hopefully we
can join in some other chats.

Right now, my students are getting ready for "weather world" and are
learning the basics of weather ( a whole new topic of investigation for
these 9 year olds) They have also been "investigating"  habitats here on
Earth, (a good foundation for investigating habitats on other planets).
Today, my student-scientists spent the day in the Shenandoah National Park
and did some basic "PET" activities while investigating habitats.

So here in the Shenandoah Valley, my students are on their way  making
their footprints to the future.......

Marilyn Wall
John Wayland Elem
Bridgewater VA

PS Check out the newest images from Hubble- Pistol STar- Astronomers
estimate that this star may be 100 times more massive than our sun!!! Cool