Scientific American Frontiers PBS-Rainforests

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Scientific American Frontiers PBS-Rainforests
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 18:25:12 -0400

Hi folks,

        Though this is last minute and we are in the middle of all the
baseball playoffs, perhaps there is a free VCR in your house that you can
use to tape
tonight's season opener "Expedition Panama". It is opening program for
Scientific American Frontiers PBS

The theme of the first show is 'Expedition Panama', and it includes
segments on bat communication (bats in Austin, TX at Tel*Ed, too!), Bee
communication, rodents/watershed problem, leafcutter ants, and the global
effects of the geologic development of the isthmus of Panama.  Whew!  The
lesson plan booklet works hard at providing curriculum links around those
topics.  You'll like the maps, graphs, charts, tables and diagrams!

Each program includes the FREE teaching materialsoffered by the Scientific
American Frontiers PBS TV program by calling 1-800-315-5010 and asking to
be added to their mailing list.  The program series begins on October 8th,
and there are 5 shows every year.

About 2 weeks before each show date you will receive a free lesson plan
guide booklet in the mail - full color, 8.5x11, 16pp.  Very nice!  And
Alan Aldo is the host again this year.  Each show has a central theme, and
there are usually 4-5 topics within the theme - one hour total.

While this material is usually geared for middle and senior high students,
it can be used with 5-6th grade classes and I even adapt it to my fourth
grade classes.  Shows are on:Oct. 8, Nov. 19, Jan. 21, Feb. 18, and Apr. 15
for this school year.

The sponsors allow teachers to copy the program and use it in school (why
not?), and my students liked it so much they usually watched at home
rather than waiting for me to bring it to school.  Each booklet also has a
'quiz' sheet to fill out while you watch - nice to use for 'extra credit',
etc.  It also contains many additional information and lesson-expanding
activities, like sending email questions to the scientists in the show,
and related websites.  The SAF show website has an archive of all of the
previous show topics and materials - excellent resource.

Scientific American Frontiers:

Marilyn Wall
Bridgewater, VA