Re: Let's discuss...

From: Ginny Dexter <>
Subject: Re: Let's discuss...
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 10:36:46 -0600

	Thanks to Sandy for posting the newsbrief that happened this
morning from 10:00 to 11:00 AM PST.  It was absolutely great. I used the
overhead to write down the main points and the science kids took notes.
We discussed the most important discoveries: that Mars has a core, mantle
and crust and that there is overwhelming evidence that Mars had a warmer
and wetter past.  Finding sand grains was very exciting as sand requires
	They stated that Sojourner was a GREAT observer and field geologist
and takes great picturer.  The photos they shared with us were absolutely
great!  I wish I had recorded it. If anyone hears that they are reshowing
it, I would love to know.
	My students had met Dr.Greg Wilson down at Ames Research Center
last spring as he was doing experiments using wind tunnels to simulate
conditions on Mars. They were VERY  excited to hear him talk at today's
	As we are beginning Weather Worlds it was great to hear and see the
current Weather Report and I think what was most fun was to see the
forecast for tomorrow's weather. It was a very informative and visual
update and I am so glad that we knew about it and were able to watch it.
	Ginny and 6/7 grade science class at Hydesville School, Ca.