Let's discuss...

From: Jan Wee <jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: Let's discuss...
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 20:32:05 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Did you know that there are several hundred individuals
subscribed to discuss-lfm! Yes, that's right. We have
a >>large<<< group monitoring this forum and many participants
contribute by posting helpful resources (thanks, Dr. Edgett
for your recent URL link to MGS images -- they were out of
sight! Well, not out of sight in that respect... we **could
see** them... and they were exciting images to see!)  

It's not just experts like Dr. Edgett who share information
willingly, but educators like Ginny Dexter (sharing classroom
LFM integration ideas), Bob Albrecht (sharing Mars related
activities), Mike Reynolds (sharing his special approach to
the Weather Worlds activity), Pierre Kerr (sharing Mars
related URL's), and international educators like Syu (Japan)
and Gabriel Rshaid (Argentina), and even students like
Stephanie Wong, and many others!  Just think about the 
resource this forum can be for all participants!  

As moderator it would be great to see more contributors!  Some
possible discussion topics would be....

        * How are YOU *introducing* (for new folks) OR *re-introducing*
                (for continuing participants) LFM and the Mars
                Missions into your classroom?  Which hands-on LFM
                activities have you completed?  How about sharing
                your experiences online?

        * Are you integrating this project into other content
                areas besides science?  If so, please share the
                specifics of what you/your team are doing!

        * How does the LFM electronic field trip integrate into
                your curriculum?  Do you face special challenges
                incorporating this resource?  How have you overcome 
                or addressed them?

        * Do your students have direct access to the LFM web 
                site for such resources as the Field Journals
                or to access the LFM Question and Answer database
                or the Virtual Tour of Mars?  If not, how do
                you help bring these resources into your classroom?
                If so, how do you prepare your students to "go online"
                and use the web site effectively?

Well, there are plenty of other topics for discussion like Weather Worlds,
how participation in web chats have worked for you/your class, etc.

PTK bets YOU have some that you have been just >>>itching<<< to post.  
Let's get this group doing what online discussion forums do best... DISCUSS... 

PTK is ready to respond to your questions, your concerns, or 
help facilitate a lively discussion!   If any of the above
discussion topics "hit a nerve", please share!  Or if you 
have a question/concern relating to integrating LFM into
your classroom feel free to post!

        Send to:  discuss-lfm@quest.arc.nasa.gov

By the way, the Mars Pathfinder Paper Model plan is
available at:


Have a good week! 
Jan Wee, moderator of discuss-lfm