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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 14:10:24 -0700 (PDT)

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I teach science and mathematics at The Ilwaco Alternative High
School.  Our student are high schooler's who are unable to function
at the regular high school because of raising children, homeless, or
often too smart, too bored and not docile enough for the regular
program.  I teach 12 subjects so in order to teach effectively and
efficiently I intergrate my math and science and do topical studies.

My prealgebra students take a course called Astro-Math.  Essentially
it traces the history of astronomy.  As you know astonomy was the
first science  because it provided the compass, clock and calendar
to humankind's emergence from hunting and gathering.  Astronomy is
"hands off science" (you can't measure things directly) but definately
"minds on science" .  Because you can't directly manupulate
Astronomy, you must use mathematics.  Therefore we trace the
origins of mathematics.  We just are finishing up egyption math.

We are starting a project that will trace the path of the sun on plastic
hemispheres.  We have small world globes that just fit inside the
spheres.  We want to send out about 15 of these celestial spheres to
schools scattlered across the USA to track the sun's path on the
upcomming eqinox.  The discovery is that when the path is charted
on the sphere (we will send instructions)  and the world globe is
placed inside with the path of the sun overlying the equator the
zenith of the celestial shpere will exactly lay over the place on earth
where the sighting took place.    You can also do cool things like
calculate the circumference of the earth.  Sort of Eratosthanes on

Can you suggest fifteen schools that would cooperate.  We need to
hurry as the equinox waits for no one.

I hope this makes sense.  Please E-mail me or give me a call at
school or home.

Fred Dust
PO Box 514
Seaview Wa 98644
H (360) 642-8187
W (360) 642-1292
Fax (360) 642-1297

I have a lot of other things I do in AstroMath you might be interested
in.   Keep up the good work.


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