Weatherworlds/feeling rushed

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (Sandra A.M. & David G.)
Subject: Weatherworlds/feeling rushed
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 18:05:12 +0100

Does anybody else out there feel rushed getting the Weatherworlds plan in
by 9/3?  I wasn't able to start my year out teaching about Mars, so I and
my colleague who is doing it have just a few days to pull this off.  In an
earlier release of the instructions the deadline was 9/10, then it changed
to 9/3.  Also, I haven't seen any of the "forms" on the LFM site, so I
wonder if you LFM coordinators are also scrambling.  And, I have yet to
receive any emails from debate-LFM.

In any case, between all of our classes, we are hoping to get in a list of
weather measuring instruments.  Is it ok to look in science supply
catalogues, or should everything be "home grown?"

David Glaser
Willard M.S.
Berkeley, CA