chatting and connecting Mars style

From: "Marske, Lucy" <>
Subject: chatting and connecting Mars style
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 16:57:58 -0500

     I would be interested in chatting with other classes also.  We live
in Iowa so our time zone is Central Daylight Time.  I teach 3 blocks of
Science and Communications.  Block 1 is 8:35-10:00,  Block 2 is
10:00-11:20, and 
Block 3 is 12:35 - 1:45 pm.
     We have been learning about and following the Mars Global Surveyor
and the Pathfinder/Sojourner.  We also have our Red Rover up and running
doing some activities with that. If anyone is up and running or wants to
connect with us let me know.  We are using last year's rovers and I plan
to eventually dismantle them so this year's students can design their
own later in the year.
    We will be participating in Weather Worlds also.
    I also teach  units on electricity, matter, magnets and motors,
simple machines, not to mention other units.  It would be fun to connect
in some way.
    Right now we've been concentrating on MGS and MPF, but my first unit
will be matter, then electricity, then magnets and motors, and then
simple machines.
    I think it's neat when students can interact from other parts of the
country/world.  If interested let me know and we can do some planning.

Lucy Marske
Sioux Center Middle School
Sioux Center, IA  51250   

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> Subject: 	Re: Want to Chat w grade 7
> HI SCOTT! and teachers
>  Nice to see your name come up! I can't chat at that time but would
> love to
> do a chat with you in the mornings some time.  Are you still teaching
> in
> the lab?  I am teaching a 7/8 grade history/civics class from 8:40
> daily
> and would love to find someone to "chat" with regarding environments,
> culture, school similarities and differences.
> From 10.10 daily to 11:00 I teach 6/7 science and again would love to
> chat
> with students who are studying: Mars, Doing Weather Worlds, and/or
> studying
> Electricity and Magnets.  (PS your topics look great, Scott)
> Let me know if interested! Thanks, gin
> PS SCOTT-Would love to come down again to Ames.  Any news about the
> Jason
> Project?
> At 7:07 PM -0700 9/23/97, <> wrote:
> >I am looking for a teacher that would like to engage my 7th grade
> class in
> >chat on the unmoderated chat room at LFM between 140pm and 215pm PST
> on
> >Friday the 26th?
> >
> >My students are just starting the adventure, but we are building a
> list of
> >questions and content.... and the sense of an audience helps!!!
> >
> >Give a call or ping me...
> >650-903-6945x237
> >
> >
> >
> >Topics for discussion-
> >
> >Water on Mars, where did it go
> >	The 98 probe and the ice caps
> >Life on Mars; the possibilities
> >	Magnetic fields and the new weather data
> >Geographical landmarks
> >	Earth/Mars comparisons
> >
> >
> >Later
> >Scott Coletti