Re: Want to Chat w grade 7

From: Ginny Dexter <>
Subject: Re: Want to Chat w grade 7
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:32:49 -0600

HI SCOTT! and teachers
 Nice to see your name come up! I can't chat at that time but would love to
do a chat with you in the mornings some time.  Are you still teaching in
the lab?  I am teaching a 7/8 grade history/civics class from 8:40 daily
and would love to find someone to "chat" with regarding environments,
culture, school similarities and differences.

>From 10.10 daily to 11:00 I teach 6/7 science and again would love to chat
with students who are studying: Mars, Doing Weather Worlds, and/or studying
Electricity and Magnets.  (PS your topics look great, Scott)

Let me know if interested! Thanks, gin

PS SCOTT-Would love to come down again to Ames.  Any news about the Jason

At 7:07 PM -0700 9/23/97, <> wrote:
>I am looking for a teacher that would like to engage my 7th grade class in
>chat on the unmoderated chat room at LFM between 140pm and 215pm PST on
>Friday the 26th?
>My students are just starting the adventure, but we are building a list of
>questions and content.... and the sense of an audience helps!!!
>Give a call or ping me...
>Topics for discussion-
>Water on Mars, where did it go
>	The 98 probe and the ice caps
>Life on Mars; the possibilities
>	Magnetic fields and the new weather data
>Geographical landmarks
>	Earth/Mars comparisons
>Scott Coletti