Mission to Mars website!

From: gholt@madison.k12.wi.us (Geoff Holt)
Subject: Mission to Mars website!
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:48:07 -0600

Fellow LFM teachers and students,

I'd like to share a new resource with you which is directly related to what
we're doing with the Live From Mars project. It's a website entitled
MISSION TO MARS.  At this site, the user can learn about Mars and space
exploration, and then design their own space probe mission to search for
life on Mars!

The site supports the user through the process of choosing the instruments
they want on their probe, choosing an appropriate launch date, and
selecting their landing site. Then, they launch it and follow its progress
to Mars, receive the data, analyze it, and submit their "press release"
which the program posts as a new web page.

This site is not just another "read about"  web resource. It engages the
users and requires that they read and THINK. A teachers' guide to the web
site is available online which provides suggestions on how you could use
this site with your students. Students can work on individual missions, or
you could do a single mission with each class.

This website was developed by 3 high school students (one here in Madison
[my student], two in Memphis) who were supervised by planetarians for the
ThinkQuest contest. We hope that you enjoy it and find it to be
educational. And please feel free to provide some feedback. Here's the URL
for the site--have fun:

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