Asteroid Vesta

From: John Gallagher <>
Subject: Asteroid Vesta
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 21:01:12 -0700

Anybody have any advance knowledge of a press conference tomorrow (Friday) about 
Asteroid Vesta sending huge amounts of debris to us?  I was just interviewed by KIRO 
Radio Seattle (I've become their local expert on all matters astronomy for some 
reason because I host monthly star parties) asking what I knew about it.  I said I 
had no knowledge of the release or who the researcher was.  I talked about the vast 
amounts of meteoric dust we are constantly receiving, about its role in planetary 
formation, about the rare large bolide impacts, meteor showers and connections to 
comets like the Perseids and Comet Swift-Tuttle, and finally about the cosmic 
snowball ideas popularized last year.

Anybody know anything about the Vesta Press releases that we should all know?