Re: $5 Special mars Video from Spacezone

From: Ginny Dexter <>
Subject: Re: $5 Special mars Video from Spacezone
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 08:28:07 -0600

Hi Jan, Now that I am back "on-line" and reading my 400 messages I have
sooo many questions.  Did anyone purchase this and was it good? thanks, gin

At 10:46 PM -0500 7/28/97, wrote:
>No clue if this is any good, but can't beat the price!  Here's the URL:
>Video of the Week
>Planet Mars    35 minutes      Introduced by Astronaut Charlie Duke
>For centuries, astronomers have wished to uncover the mysteries of Mars.
>NASA sent Viking out to photograph the red planet in 1975. These pictures
>revealed volcanoes and frozen polar regions not unlike those on our own
>But there's more. You'll see Mars's surface like you've never seen it
>before. And you'll learn more about how Mars has evolved which is valuable
>in measuring Earth's evolution. Watch this exciting video and get closer to
>a neighbor. Closer to planet Mars.
>     Planet Mars 4 MB QuickTime sample from the video
>       Audio by astronaut Charlie Duke introducing Planet Mars.
>Special Price $5.00 + S&H
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>300 W. Chenango, Englewood, CO 80110
>(303)781-7817 (School)   (303)806-1904 (Voice Mail)
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