July 6th and July 9th LFM Programs Available on Tape Now!

From: Jan Wee <jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: July 6th and July 9th LFM Programs Available on Tape Now!
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 22:42:26 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Did you miss the summer broadcasts of Live From Mars because
you were rafting the Colorado, traveling internationally,
working hard on your grad credits, or cultivating the garden?
Many PTK participants do not have access to downlinking the 
LFM programs...in service to those without satellite dishes, 
local PBS stations carrying the LFM programs, access via NASA Teacher
Resource Centers, or a kind friend or parent with a dish
PTK provides Touchdown! (Program 3A) and Touchdown + 6!
(Program 3B) on videotape at cost of production and 
shipping/handling.  Both tapes sell for $35.00 (per two
hour tape) and are available NOW for quick shipment. 

See http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/mars/video/index.html for 
more details about each program.

The 1997 summer Live From Mars programs have incredibly exciting 
footage of the Mars Pathfinder landing and Sojourner's first images, 
sheer excitement of the week's events and Mars Team jubilant 
celebration at NASA JPL as well as loads of interviews with Mars
Team members including JPL MISSION GUESTS Donna Shirley, 
Rob Manning, Matt Golombek, Peter Smith, Brian Muirhead,
and others! You will also see educators, students, and
museum guests model related hands-on learning activities.

Footage from around the US at live uplink sites including 
NASA's Classroom of the Future, the Denver Museum of Natural History, 
Houston's Museum of Natural Science, Center Of Science and Industry 
(COSI)-Columbus, Ohio, The Planetary Society's Planetfest Convention 
and Maryland Science Center-Baltimore recaptures this summer's
biggest event in planetary exploration ever for you and your
students and will serve as an vital resource as you prepare
students for the upcoming LIVE November 13th *Today on Mars* broadcast.

To place your order, send a check, purchase order, or money order
made out to Passport to Knowledge.  Clearly indicate which program
(3A Touchdown or 3B Touchdown + 6 or both) you are ordering.  NOTE:
Each program is TWO hours in length!)  Your order will be shipped
upon receipt.

Passport to Knowledge
P.O. Box 1502
Summit, NJ 07902-1502

Label the envelope:  LFM Program 3A/3B Order to speed processing.
You may also fax order to:  973-656-9813
Questions, call:  973-656-9403

(Information applies to US orders only.  Sorry no credit card orders!)

Jan Wee, moderator