Catching up

From: "Lori A. Darter" <>
Subject: Catching up
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 97 20:01:06 EDT

Hello Everyone,

I just returned home today from Ca.  The Mars Workshop and
Planetfest were wonderful.  Thanks to all the JPL staff who
made this event possible.

This was my first time on the west coast.  I saw many
unbelieveable sights from Mars and from Earth (LA). My husband
traveled with me and we kept a very busy schedule.  Sorry I did
not meet with the PTK group but I spoke about your wonderful
program to any educator who would listen.

We did not spend 3 days at Planetfest.  I was there on the 4th
of July.  I did not want to miss the MPF coverage.  The
pictures were beautiful and I was excited to be there and watch
the story unfold. I guess I was lucky to be there, it seems
many people did not have good coverage.  (I live way out in the
country and we only receive 5 stations, coverage probably
wasn't good.)

I did get the chance to rent a car and drive out into the
desert. It was breath taking and looked very similar to the
 Mars pictures.  I guess that's why they tested the MPF there.
Driving out in the desert made me think of about how an alien
would perceive Earth.  I'm sure if they only traveled a little
distance they would think that this planet had very little life
on it. I'm glad we are going to send several different craft to
Mars landing in different places.

Well I have plenty of email to read...102 messages, you all
were busy when I was gone.:)


P.S.  I will check with Toys R Us about the Hotwheels
Pathfinder. I had no problem getting them.
                                    Lori A. Darter
                              J.J. Fray Elementary School