Re: Modeling volcanoes

Subject: Re: Modeling volcanoes
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 18:21:04 -0500 (CDT)

Great idea!  Thanks for sharing!  I was too lazy to make models.  We just 
used pictures and protractors to do the project!  This sounds great for a 
longer project.   janet

On 07/11/97 20:09:21 you wrote:
>We have been experimenting a lot with modeling volcanoes and we
>thought you might like to know what we've learned.  We make our
>volcanoes with clay and with shallow craters.  We give the
>students a very good picture of Olympus mons that really shows
>the shape of the volcano in a close-up view, and ask them to make
>the models as realistic as possible.  That works fine, but we
>were unhappy with getting it to erupt.  We used vinegar and
>baking soda.  It works well but the action is much more like an
>eruptive volcano.  Olympus mons is a shield volcano where the
>lava gently bubbled over the sides to give that gentle slope.  We
>discovered that a tablespoon of water, enough cornstarch to
>thicken it, and an Alka Seltzer tablet works well. This bubbles
>like a shield volcano and the "lava" just spills over the sides.
>We add food coloring to make it more realistic.  The cornstarch
>hardens rapidly, and if you do this several times you can see how
>the volcano shapes itself somewhat like Olympus mons.