The Little Rover that Could

From: (Susan Hurstcalderone)
Subject: The Little Rover that Could
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 01:12:26 -0400

        I hope everyone was able to see the CNN special this evening [10 pm
EDT]  It was absolutely super.  I think I was able to tape it [I haven't
had a chance to check it yet.].  The enthusiasm of Donna Shirley, Matt G.
and company was sheer joy to watch.  My plan is to use this tape as an
intro and update in class this fall [along with the LFM tapes...]

        The indepth piece on Donna for NBC News made this a memorable day
in a very memorable week.  What a glorius time to be in the classroom and
teaching science.  If we can't hook their interest with this.......

        Thanks to JPL, NASA, and PTK for allowing us to be a part of this
wonderful experience.


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