What a 4th of July!

From: bweimann@wallnet.com
Subject: What a 4th of July!
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 97 09:14:40 -0400

Hello all,
Wasn't the CNN coverage of the landing absolutely marvelous yesterday!  I
kept channel hopping and did not see anyone else mention it at all.  I
find it hard to believe this.  I'm assuming the networks did cover it at
least a bit, but that I must have missed their coverage.  Even the pbs
stations didn't seem to be mentioning it.  The Discovery channel did have
something on it, but no one could rival CNN's coverage.

I must say the successful landing brought tears to my eyes.  I was glued
to CNN all day.

With regard to the current problems with the modem, how well I can
identify with this.  I bought a new 57,000 Motorola modem so that I would
be able to d/l everything quickly and perhaps participate in the Cu-Seeme,
but after trying all day to get it to work, I finally had to give up.
According to a Motorola tech, it must be defective and I'll have to return
it to the store.  Unfortunately, NASA can't return theirs.<sigh>  I hope
they will have better luck than I have had.  If I understand correctly,
Motorola made one of the radios they have used on the spacecraft, but I'm
not sure which one, which part, etc.  I saw Donna  Shirley hold it up and
mention it was from Motorola.

They seem to be talking about the modem failure at the moment. Does anyone
know if they have successfully solved the airbags retrieval problem, so
that the rover can get off the lander?  It sounds as if they may have done
it, if their main concern at the moment is the modem, however, the latest
CNN report I heard didn't say anything about the airbags, or I missed it.   

BTW, am I the only one writing to the list, or am I not getting my
messages?  Barb