From: (Ken Edgett)
Subject: WOW!
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 11:42:22 -0700 (MST)

Dear Mars Educators!

The Pathfinder landing and the terrific beauty of the landing site
is EVERYTHING I ever dreamed it could be!

Peter Smith was REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping we'd land near some
kind of "mountain"-- or in this case, a streamlined island.

WE DID!  How wonderful for him and his team!

The rocks and their distribution is very, very reminiscent of the kinds
of things we see in the Channeled Scabland of Washington.  It is 
FANTASTIC!  We are definitely in a flood channel!  Marvelous!

Everything that has happened since yesterday's confirmation that the
baby was on the surface of Mars has just been too cool to describe.
I find myself laughing a lot-- just out of pure JOY!

Some of you might have noticed (maybe) that our Arizona Mars K-12
web site is down.  We think our disk got fried by the zillions of hits
we recieved yesterday.  It will stay down for a few more days until
we get a new disk.  Anyway-- the best places to get the pictures are not
on our site... they are at places like JPL, CNN, and LFM. 

WOW! Fantastic!

There is a possibility that I will be on MSNBC for several hours on
Monday, talking about the mission-- this hasn't been set in stone 
yet, but they have asked me to do it and I have said yes (I won't
believe it until I am on the plane to New York)... the point is, you
might want to check out MSNBC on Monday during the normal operating
hours of Pathfinder (late afternoon and evening).

WOW!  Can you believe it?  

Ken Edgett