Copies of the Pathfinder Briefings Available via C-SPAN!

From: Jan Wee <>
Subject: Copies of the Pathfinder Briefings Available via C-SPAN!
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 11:49:13 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Per Harold's note...
>I reaally enjoyed the coverage.  Tried to find it wherever I could.  Just
>found out tht CSPAN-2 had been broadcasting the complete unedited press
>conferences and just taped the last one.  They are archived and available
>for purchase.  See their URL
>Harold Lefcourt

Thanks to Harold for sharing the above URL for C-SPAN.  I
did some checking and YES, indeed, the C-SPAN folks do make
the videotapes of the NASA-TV Mars Pathfinder Mission
Press Conferences available.  

I have a list of the Press Conferences and their prices... 
they range from 1 hour 26 minutes in length ($45.00 per
tape) to 48 minutes long ($29.95) and there are 
8 Press Conferences available at this time:  

        Dates:  7/2  1 hr. 25 min $45.00

                7/4  48 min       $29.95

                7/4  56 min       $29.95

                7/5  50 min       $29.95

                7/6  1 hr 13 min  $45.00

                7/7  1 hr 24 min  $45.00

                7/8  1 hr 26 min  $45.00

                7/9  46 min       $29.95

You can contact C-Span at 1-800-277-2698, Select #2.

Good luck to all who are seeking copies of the Pathfinder

Jan Wee, Moderator