FW: Extended NASA-TV coverage on UWTV - EXTENDED FURTHER!

From: Diane Smith <dianes@halcyon.com>
Subject: FW: Extended NASA-TV coverage on UWTV - EXTENDED FURTHER!
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 19:53:25 -0700

Latest word in the Seattle, WA area on NASA coverage from UWTV, we can see all the LFM programs with this schedule.

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Subject:	Extended NASA-TV coverage on UWTV - EXTENDED FURTHER!

UWTV will preempt all regular programming this weekend beginning at
midnight, July 3, and extending through the weekend and Monday, July 7 
up until 7pm.

Below is the updated schedule reflecting this coverage.

UWTV extended airtimes of NASA live coverage of STS-94 and the Mars
Pathfinder are the following:

All times are Pacific Standard:

Thur.	7/3	12:00am (midnight of 7/2) until 6:00pm
Fri.	7/4	12:00am (midnight of 7/3) ALL DAY AND NIGHT
Mon.	7/7	ALL DAY UNTIL 7pm 
Tue.	7/8	12:00am (midnight of 7/7) until 6:00pm
Wed.	7/9	12:00am (midnight of 7/8) until 6:00pm
Thur.	7/10	12:00am (midnight of 7/9) until 6:00pm
Fri.	7/11	12:00am (midnight of 7/10) until 6:00pm
Sat.	7/12	12:00am (midnight of 7/11) until 8:00am
		1:00pm until 6:00pm
Sun.	7/13	12:00am (midnight of 7/12) until 8:00am
		1:00pm until 5:00pm
Mon.	7/14	12:00am (midnight of 7/13) until 6:00pm
Tue.	7/15	12:00am (midnight of 7/14) until 6:00pm
Wed.	7/16	12:00am (midnight of 7/15) until 6:00pm
Thur.	7/17	12:00am (midnight of 7/16) until 6:00pm
		Landing @ 4:20am

NASA Mission STS-94
This is a reflight of the STS-83 Microgravity Science Laboratory (MSL) 
mission. MSL was originally launched on April 4, 1997 at 2:20pm EST and
was intended to be on orbit for 15 days, 16 hours. The mission was cut
short due to a problem with Fuel Cell #2 and Columbia landed on 4/8/97
after 3 days 23 hours. 

For more information see:

Mars Pathfinder
A pre-landing briefing on Mars Pathfinder and its science
objectives at Mars will be held at JPL on Tuesday, July 1, at 1
p.m. EDT.  If the STS-94 launch remains scheduled for this date,
this briefing will not be shown live on NASA TV.  A taped
rebroadcast of this briefing currently is planned for later that
evening and the next morning. 

Extensive information on Mars Pathfinder, including an electronic copy of
the landing press kit, related press releases, fact sheets, status reports
and images, is available from the JPL World Wide Web home page at URL: 


The Mars Pathfinder project also maintains a home page at URL: