Have you been to the LFM web site lately?

From: Jan Wee <jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: Have you been to the LFM web site lately?
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 11:40:20 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

The NASA Quest Project staff (Marc Siegel, Linda Conrad,
Sandy Dueck, Chris Tanski, Alan Federman) have been
busily updating the Live From Mars web site with
MORE and MORE great resources to keep you UP TO DATE
on the Mars Pathfinder Landing!  Have you visited yet?
(You may find it difficult to connect as it is very
busy these days, but the waiting is worthwhile!)  You
will find the latest Mars images and links to more,
new journals by Matt Golembek and many others, five
more field journals written just prior to and on the
day of landing by Rob Manning, Jim Murphy, Geoff 
Haines-Stiles and Linda Robeck-Fuhrman.

Just a bit of Linda's journal...
"You see, I first got interested in space as a teen-ager, 
when I saw the pictures sent back from Mars by the Viking 
lander. Now, just like the first picture from Viking on Mars 
was of its very own foot -- you could even see a footprint 
in the dust where the lander had apparently bounced
once! -- these first pictures from Pathfinder will be of 
its own open side petals. For me, it will be like coming 
full-circle; years after marveling at those first pictures 
from Mars, I'll be seeing Mars again -- but through the 
eye of a spacecraft that I helped build with my own hands. 
I can't wait." 

Wow... neat eh!!

Visit the Featured Events icon and DON'T MISS Scott Coletti's
Mars Imagaing Lessons (four mini-lessons for beginners!!)
and links to COTF's lesson and others. Scott has opened
a whole new world of imaging to many of us and as Scott
reminds me "anyone can learn to do NIH imaging!!" So do
give this exciting resource a very close look.

Web Chats are scheduled for next week and the future! 
Have fun tapping the LFM resources!
Thanks to the NASA Quest team for keeping us all 
on top of the latest news, links, images, journals,
(love those pictures in Geoff's journal!), etc.

Jan Wee, moderator