Mars Celebration - Sioux Center, IA

From: L*y Marske <>
Subject: Mars Celebration - Sioux Center, IA
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 09:34:18 -0700

Hi everyone,
   I haven't been too active on the listserve lately because I've been so 
busy with a variety of things including Mars.  We too brought Planetfest 
to Sioux Center.
   We have a small mall and I set up the Red Rover and Mars landscapes 
there so people from all over could link up and drive our rover and have 
fun driving our own.  We were set up from July 3 - July 5.  The mall is 
closed on Sun. otherwise I would have set up there too.  Several kids 
from my class came to show off the rover and/or have fun they didn't get 
to have in the spring at school.  We did have our share of technical 
difficulties, but it just parallels the real world.  We were reading the 
second by second narration of the landing of the Pathfinder and although 
not too many people were there those of us who were, were elated at the 
   Then on Sunday, July 6th, my class was part of a Nick News program 
titled "Are We Alone" (Nickelodeon).  I don't have cable so I had to 
visit someone to see the program.  It was fun to see them on TV talking 
about Mars.  Being part of PTK's Live From Mars has put our kids in touch 
with very exciting times.  Thank you so much for all you provided for our 
students and for us teachers.  It's great to be able to recognize people, 
places, and events that we've been involved in.  
Lucy Marske
Sioux Center Middle School
Sioux Center, IA  51250