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From: "Laura Bashlor" <>
Subject: Re: press release coverage
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 08:09:04 -0400


All of your enthusiastic messages about the Mars landing are wonderful to
read.  I just returned from 12 days in Cocoa Beach including 4 days at KSC.
 What a time to be there!  We attended the VIP Orientation tours preceding
the July 1 launch of STS-94, the launch itself,(what a thrill!  DO IT if
you EVER get the chance), a day without the rest of the family to gorge
myself on the goodies in the Education Building (and a nice chat with Mike
Dean and another teacher who works at KSC for the summer), and another day
there introducing my teacher-to-be daughter to the treasures in the
Education Building.

The rest of the 12 days I did the tourist things, and visited family, but
most of all, watched NASA Select TV.  Strangely, Brevard County in which
KSC is located, does not have a channel dedicated to NASA Select, although
most of the rest of Florida does. NASA Select shares a channel with the
channel guide.  We were also told that a lot of people in the county are
irritated when they can't get their channel guide because of things
happening at NASA.  

What a show!  What a ride!  Everything I felt in those days has come
rushing back reading all of your wonderful messages.  

I can't help but feel that our classes in September will be more than ready
to jump on the MARS bandwagon (should I say "rover"?).  Although seeing the
live show from JPL with the wait time and suspense was best, don't forget
the wonderful job done by the local and network TV shows.  Unless last
year's students are watching all cartoons, or have their heads in their
electronic games, they can't help but be proud to know as much as they do
from last school year.  Even the least plugged-in of my sixth graders
should recognize the name of MARS.

Does anyone have an address for sending congratulations to our friends at

Laura (MI)

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: Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 9:35 PM
: yeah, congress is still in session as of 9:30pm edt. your hard earned tax
: dollars at work! they are talking cut! cut! cut!
: as long its not the space program eh?
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: >Sorry I didn't include that.
: >You are supposed to call the same number and then select # 2 from the
: >menu. I'm assuming they will have the same thing.
: >Right now they are still doing the US House live.  Barb
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: >>what's the story on c-span2? any coverage?
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