undeliverable messages

From: bweimann@wallnet.com
Subject: undeliverable messages
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 97 07:54:09 -0400

Greetings to whomever is in charge of this list.
I just got 6 or 7 undeliverable messages to a Steve Martin, and have been
getting them for the last day or so.  I hope this isn't  happening to
everyone on the list.  Nothing I have to say is worth repeating this many
times or even once.  Could the list manager please take Steve's name off
of the list if he is no longer available?  I am also receiving duplicates
of messages to Cyberkil.  I don't think my emailer is doing this.  I
certainly would not want to spam our wonderful list. Thanks for any help. 
I'm not sure exactly what is happening.  Barb