Re: no press conf AGAIN!

Subject: Re: no press conf AGAIN!
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 97 20:47:07 -0400

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Dear Sheri,
I like your expression "dumbing down."  It is a waste of time and not
necessary.  They are still underestimating the intelligence of the
American public.  And yes, there is misinformation when they do this.  I
find myself wishing I could correct them when they misquote the

>Hi, Barb, I too am extremely frustrated with the interruptions.  I am
>also upset at the "dumbing down" of the information by the commentator. 
>Much is misinformation.  I wonder why they don't mention the catastrophic
>floods of eastern Washington state where much of the topopgraphy
>resembles that Martian landscape?

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