Re: press release coverage

From: "cyberkil" <>
Subject: Re: press release coverage
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 22:32:15 -0000

what's the story on c-span2? any coverage?
Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 10:14 PM
Subject: press release coverage

> Hello again,
>I found the # on the C-Span website.
>For those of you subjected to my whining about the lack of NASA
>press conference coverage,  I just talked to C-Span on the phone and they
>are going to have a full hour of the conference on as soon as they are
>done with their coverage of the US House.
>And they may replay it several times tonight late, for people who would
>like to tape it. They say they did that last night.  She assumes they
>keep doing this since they receive gov funding and this is a gov event.
>The customer hot line # to call for the schedule is: 202-628-2205 and
>hit selection # 1 to get the schedule.  Even if they don't have it live,
>they will replay it, but the times are indefinite.
>I must compliment C-Span for their customer relations.  Barb