Re: no press conf AGAIN!

From: "cyberkil" <>
Subject: Re: no press conf AGAIN!
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 21:38:49 -0000

i know how you are feeling. i cant understand back in my home town of
milwaukee wisconsin, our cable company would carry 24 hour live nasa tv.
now i live here i the heart of space country, FLORIDA! and i cant get a
drop. i guess it's a dry state. ha ha 
Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 9:32 PM
Subject: no press conf AGAIN!

>Well, they did it again, only this time it was worse and they showed even
>less of the press conference, and C-Span didn't show anything at all. The
>extent of my frustration is inexpressible.  They give us just enough to
>titilate us, and then when the scientists get really interesting, they
>take it away.
> I called CNN and the young lady to whom I spoke, said that so many
>people had called that they were going to return to the press conference
>right away.  So I hung up and rushed back to the tv only to see that they
>had instead returned to John Holliman answering questions on a talk live
>program, and they STILL were not showing the press conference.  They did
>let Donn Shirley answer some of the questions, and that was nice, of
>course, but couldn't they have done it at a time when they wouldn't
>interrupt the press conference.
>I tried to call C-Span, but no one had a number.  I'll try on the
>internet, however, I  can't understand why no one seems to realize that
>such a press conference is of  importance to the public.  With over
>100,000,000 hits on the NASA sites, haven't they gotten the message yet. 
>Does anyone know of a way to watch these press conferences at a later
>date?  Might they be rebroadcast?  Or does anyone know of a way to
>convince these networks that the public is interested in seeing the
>conference in its entirety.
>I've spent hours every day for the last few days trying to get my
>set up so that I can see the video streamed conferences, but am having
>serious modem probems, it's working on my OS/2 drive, but not on my WIN
>drive,   in addition to the fact that I haven't yet been able to figure
>out how to do it. <sigh> Barb    wondering if I am the only person who
>would really like to see these complete press conferences.