no press conf AGAIN!

Subject: no press conf AGAIN!
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 97 16:24:54 -0400

Well, they did it again, only this time it was worse and they showed even
less of the press conference, and C-Span didn't show anything at all. The
extent of my frustration is inexpressible.  They give us just enough to
titilate us, and then when the scientists get really interesting, they
take it away. 

 I called CNN and the young lady to whom I spoke, said that so many 
people had called that they were going to return to the press conference
right away.  So I hung up and rushed back to the tv only to see that they
had instead returned to John Holliman answering questions on a talk live
program, and they STILL were not showing the press conference.  They did
let Donn Shirley answer some of the questions, and that was nice, of
course, but couldn't they have done it at a time when they wouldn't
interrupt the press conference.

I tried to call C-Span, but no one had a number.  I'll try on the
internet, however, I  can't understand why no one seems to realize that
such a press conference is of  importance to the public.  With over
100,000,000 hits on the NASA sites, haven't they gotten the message yet.  

Does anyone know of a way to watch these press conferences at a later
date?  Might they be rebroadcast?  Or does anyone know of a way to
convince these networks that the public is interested in seeing the
conference in its entirety.

I've spent hours every day for the last few days trying to get my computer
set up so that I can see the video streamed conferences, but am having
serious modem probems, it's working on my OS/2 drive, but not on my WIN 95
drive,   in addition to the fact that I haven't yet been able to figure
out how to do it. <sigh> Barb    wondering if I am the only person who
would really like to see these complete press conferences.