in the news

From: Charlotte Stevens <>
Subject: in the news
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 12:20:42 -29900

Like everyone else I've been very interested in the news on Mars this 
weekend.  We don't have a computer at home, so I couldn't wait to come up 
to school today and check my email from discuss-lfm.  I hope my students 
were able to view the news on CNN and that they said to their parents ( 
or whoever) "we studied that in school!" and that they remember some of the 
things we talked about and recognized the scientists from our LFM 
programs that appeared in the news Friday evening on CNN.  Science seemed 
so real to me when Matt Golombek, Donna Shirley, Rob Manning and others 
who had shared their time with LFM were on the real news!  I hope my 
students felt the same! 
Does everyone who went to the conference last 
summer remember Kurt Gramoll, who shared the CD Rom with us?  He was at 
GA Tech here in Atlanta?  He came and spoke to my students this year.  
Well, he was on CNN Friday interviewed by John Holliman.  And Geoff, I 
beleive I saw you on the press conference asking what made some rocks on 
Mars more desirable to study than others. 
By the way, what happened to our Good Morning America greeting segment?  I 
spent a sleepy two hours watching for us on GMA Friday morning with no 
luck. :)
I  wish everyone an enjoyable summer!

Charlotte Stevens
8th grade teacher
Taylor Road Middle School
Alpharetta, Georgia USA