Barkley Peeperton and Mars

Subject: Barkley Peeperton and Mars
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 97 20:25:47 -0400

Hi any LFM animal lovers,
Re: today's press conference and Peter Smith's demonstration of the 
panoramic image....

Funny thing happened today.  When I was watching the  NASA press
conference about 1:00 EDT,  and Peter started to show the fantastic 360
panorama, suddenly my big cat  Barkley Peeperton leapt off of the sofa,
and raced down in front of the TV.   He sat there absolutely straining his
neck to get a good look at everything.  His ears were wiggling, and his
whiskers were twitching, and his eyes were "following" the little red
cursor arrow all over the screen as Peter discussed the various features. 
Barkley was enthralled, absolutely fascinated.  He was really watching,
head moving from left to right in order to see everything.  I swear  he
seemed to have an intent, intelligent, comprehending expression on his
little cat face.  I thought at first that it was a fascination with the
red curser arrow, but no, as Peter went on, the cursor disappeared and
Barkley remained absolutely rivoted,  getting even closer in order to see
better, still straining his neck, moving his head to look from side to
side as he listened to Peter speak.   He remained there in rapt attention
throughout Peter's whole explanation, until finally when the panorama of
the Martian landscape left the screen,  and Peter was done speaking,
Barkley immediately left the tv, sauntered out of the the room to go
stretch out on the carpet under the dining room table, on his back as

Barkley Peeperton has never shown even the remotest interest in the TV
since I've had him, for seven years.  All those evenings beside me as I've
watched tv, he has displayed nothing but boredom with the big box.  I've
tried to get him interested, by showing him programs devoted to animals,
even cats meowing, but nothing has ever attracted his attention for a
minute.  Till today, and Mars.....

I can only conclude that he is very intelligent, perceptive, and  has
excellent taste.<BG> I could use a bit of imagination and say that he
looked just like he recognized the place. Hmmmmm.