Lander Co-ordinates

From: Jeroen Wierda <>
Subject: Lander Co-ordinates
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 17:04:10 +0200

Dear Everyone,

I have been hooked to CNN on my TV tube for the whole 
day and night last friday. And I must say that I am so 
impressed by the way the people at NASA handled the 
landing and deployment of the Mars Rover. Congratulations!

I have been trying to find the landing area in my Vista Pro 
3 software to render the landscape and see if it somewhat 
looks like the original landscape. But I cannot seem to find 
it. I know that it is near Valles Marineris, buy I don't know 
the exact co-ordinates. Is there anyone here who can tell 
me the co-ordinates of the Lander? It would be highly 


Jeroen Wierda
President of Picard UFO Research International
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