Local Mars Time vs. Earth Time

From: dlgsam@LanMinds.Com (David G. & Sandra A.M.)
Subject: Local Mars Time vs. Earth Time
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:13:11 +0100

Hi, my name is David Glaser.  I'm a middle school science teacher in
Berkeley California.  Although I vaguely remember seeing the Apollo
astronauts on TV, my earliest memory of being a space enthusiast is from
1974, when I went to a local science museum to see the first pictures of
Jupiter sent back by Pioneer Jupiter.  Obviously, a lot has changed
technologically, since this time around I can get pictures downloaded into
my home.

I'm still wondering about how time is measured on Mars by planetary
scientists, for my own curiosity, and because I want my students to keep
track of the days on Mars.  As far as I can figure it, there are two

1. That the same units of time are used, but 37 minutes are added at the
end of each sol, making the Martian day end at 24:37.

2. Creating new units of time which are proportionally longer so that the
Martian day ends at 24:00, just like on earth.

My guess is that option #1 is used, but I haven't found any direct mention
of that.