Re: What a 4th of July!

From: "cYBerKil" <>
Subject: Re: What a 4th of July!
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 02:35:43 -0000

yeah, i got your message. i, myself have decided to go with the new cable
modem service. i can just imagine how fast i can get those pictures!
compared to your 57,600 bps this modem download at over 1,000,000 bps a
second! i thought pbs was gonna cover some of the news, i havent seen any.
i believe nasa has got the modem to work now. 
Date: Saturday, July 05, 1997 22:08
Subject: What a 4th of July!

>Hello all,
>Wasn't the CNN coverage of the landing absolutely marvelous yesterday!  I
>kept channel hopping and did not see anyone else mention it at all.  I
>find it hard to believe this.  I'm assuming the networks did cover it at
>least a bit, but that I must have missed their coverage.  Even the pbs
>stations didn't seem to be mentioning it.  The Discovery channel did have
>something on it, but no one could rival CNN's coverage.
>I must say the successful landing brought tears to my eyes.  I was glued
>to CNN all day.
>With regard to the current problems with the modem, how well I can
>identify with this.  I bought a new 57,000 Motorola modem so that I would
>be able to d/l everything quickly and perhaps participate in the
>but after trying all day to get it to work, I finally had to give up.
>According to a Motorola tech, it must be defective and I'll have to
>it to the store.  Unfortunately, NASA can't return theirs.<sigh>  I hope
>they will have better luck than I have had.  If I understand correctly,
>Motorola made one of the radios they have used on the spacecraft, but I'm
>not sure which one, which part, etc.  I saw Donna  Shirley hold it up and
>mention it was from Motorola.
>They seem to be talking about the modem failure at the moment. Does
>know if they have successfully solved the airbags retrieval problem, so
>that the rover can get off the lander?  It sounds as if they may have
>it, if their main concern at the moment is the modem, however, the latest
>CNN report I heard didn't say anything about the airbags, or I missed it. 

>BTW, am I the only one writing to the list, or am I not getting my
>messages?  Barb