Mars Dust Storm!

From: (Jim Bell) (by way of Jan Wee <>)
Subject: Mars Dust Storm!
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 11:56:52 -0500

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                       June 30, 1997
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Friends of Mars,

HST imaging from a few nights ago has detected an enormous dust storm within
Valles Marineris. The dust is filling the canyon and is starting to spill
out of the Eastern end, heading (downhill) straight for the Pathfinder
landing site! We have requested additional HST time prior to the landing this
Friday, but ANY supporting groundbased red and blue observations (so as to
distinguish dust from the extensive water ice clouds now present) of this
phenomenon would be extremely valuable and appreciated.

Please upload any images or other information that you are able to obtain
to the Marswatch ftp archive at:

The user name is "anonymous". No password is required.

All systems are still GO for this Friday's Pathfinder landing, although Mars
is determined to throw a monkey wrench into our plans by conjuring up some
much-dreaded dust storms!

--Jim Bell

Jim Bell
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