color of sky on Mars?

Subject: color of sky on Mars?
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 97 11:28:13 -0400

Hello all LFMers,
I just popped over to the Washington Post website as Susan suggested. 
Yes, Susan, it is a very good article. Thanks for the recommendation.

Did you, or anyone else read the "opinion" article?  I try to keep up to
date, but may have missed this fact.  I know that Hubble data has told us
recently that the temps on Mars are much colder now than previously, but
does anyone know if the data also indicated that the skies are no longer
dusty pink but rather BLUE, as stated in this  Washinton Post article?? 
(I thought they were still pinkish.) I'm not psychologically ready to
think of them as blue.<BG>  Am I being a little like Ann, in Red Mars?

 "Earthlings just born when the Vikings landed in 1976 have reached the
age of
 majority, and the Martian weather has changed completely; we know from
the Hubble Space Telescope that dusty pink skies have given way to cold
blue ones."  

This quote is from the article (online) at the Wasington Post website:

Mars: Why We Must Go
We Cannot Satisfy Our Fascination With the
Stars by Sending Robots Into Space
By Thomas Mallon
Sunday, June 29, 1997; Page C01
The Washington Post