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Subject: Fwd: Mars and Rocket Launches
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:05:00 -0400 (EDT)

I received this from a JPL friend of mine.  I thought it was interesting to
see this timeline.

Theresa Hall
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                                    July 4th Mars Landing
         On July 4th NASA's Mars Pathfinder spacecraft and its Sojourner 
     rover will enter the martian atmosphere. If all goes well, the craft 
     will survive the entry and landing and be able to right itself. The 
     flower-like lander will then open its petals. Several hours later, the 
     Sojourner rover will be deployed. Here's a schedule of the day's 
         Time (PDT)                            Event
            07:00     JPL press briefing
            08:45     JPL landing commentary begins
            09:51     Mars atmosphere entry
            09:53     Parachute deployment
            09:55     Landing
         10:01-11:01  Receive first indication of a successful landing
            13:55     Receive first engineering and atmospheric entry data  
                        from lander
            15:30     JPL press briefing
         16:35-17:30  Receive first images of surface from lander
            18:00     Release of the first color panorama image of the      
            21:00     Rover deployment
            23:00     JPL press briefing
         The landing will be covered by NASA's TV channel, NASA Select. 
     Many cable TV providers offer NASA Select as a public service. If you 
     have a satellite TV setup, you can receive NASA Select directly from 
     the satellite. The particulars are as follows:
                                   Satellite:   GE-2
                                   Position:    85 deg. W
                                   Transponder: 9C
                                   Frequency:   3880.0 MHz
                                   Audio:       6.8 MHz
         Another way to receive NASA Select is with a scanner. Some ham 
     radio operators receive NASA Select and rebroadcast the audio over 
     their repeaters. In Los Angeles County and adjacent areas the best 
     frequencies to monitor are probably 147.150 and 448.500 MHz. Other 
     frequencies to check are 52.840, 224.080, and 224.940 MHz.
         An good source of information on the mission is the Internet. A 
     good place to start is JPL's web site at http://www.jpl.nasa.gov
                                Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule
                                As of Friday JUN 20 09:50 PDT
                Time/Window     Launch
        Date     (PST/PDT)      Vehicle                  Comments
       JUN 23   22:08-23:38  MSLS           Ballistic missile defense test
       JUL 07   05:50-06:20  Delta II       Payload is five Iridium         
       JUL 09   13:17-13:22  Pegasus XL     Payload is SeaStar satellite.   
                                                Missile will be launched    
                                                from aircraft staged from   
                                                Vandenberg AFB
     JUL 15-16 22:30-02:30  Titan IV        Classified payload
       AUG 01     Unknown    Pegasus XL     Payload is TERRIERS and MUBLCOM
                                                satellites. Missile will be 
                                                launched from aircraft      
                                                staged from Vandenberg AFB
       AUG 14     Unknown    Delta II       Payload is five Iridium         
       AUG 27   01:01-07:01  Peacekeeper    ICBM test launch
       OCT 15     Unknown    Pegasus XL     Payload is ORBCOMM and SNOE     
                                                satellites. Missile will be 
                                                launched from aircraft      
                                                staged from Vandenberg AFB
       OCT 29   00:01-06:01  Minuteman III  ICBM test launch
       NOV 05   00:01-06:01  Peacekeeper    ICBM test launch
       DEC 01     Unknown    LMLV           Payload is Clark satellite
       DEC 15     Unknown    Pegasus XL     Payload is TRACE satellite.     
                                                Missile will be launched    
                                                from aircraft staged from   
                                                Vandenberg AFB
        JAN       Unknown    Titan II       Payload is NOAA-K satellite
       JAN 16     Unknown    Minuteman II   Ballistic missile defense test?
     Launches are often rescheduled several times. For current launch 
     status, call the Vandenberg Launch Update Line at 805-734-8232 ext. 
     If a launch window is given, an attempt will be made to launch at the 
     start of the window. If a problem is encountered, the launch could be 
     delayed and occur at any time in the window, or be rescheduled for 
     another day.
     The above table was compiled from unclassified information obtained 
     from Vandenberg AFB Public Affairs, the Kennedy Space Center, and 
     other sources.