Red Rover/Planetfest needs your help!

From: (sheri klug)
Subject: Red Rover/Planetfest needs your help!
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 06:24:57 -0600

Hi all,
Are you a Red Rover site?  If you are, we are desperately in need of folks
to help out with remote sites during Planetfest (July 4, 5, & 6).  We need
some sites with which to link during Planetfest hours (9:00 am to about
5:00pm PDT). We are expecting about 10,000 people a day and have a huge Red
Rover component. Could you help us by having a site running (all or part of
this time?)  You wouldn't necessarily have to be there on site, just have it
operational (much like Red Rover in Utah does).  Maybe check to see if it
flipped over once in a while, or have a student(s) in charge of overseeing
operations (Twin Falls, ID is doing this!  The kid is jazzed!!)  WE REALLY
NEED HELP!!!  If you can possibly think this might be possible, please
contact Linda Wong at (1-818-793-5100) or e-mail at
Red Rover is soooo cool, and people will really get a feel for remote
operations by doing it hands-on.  You have a chance to be a very special
part of making Planetfest a huge success and maybe influencing children who
may someday walk on Mars!

Sheri Klug